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SPENS - Servicing Industrial Power and Oil-and-Gas Systems.

Mission of SPENS servicing company as the sole Russian agency for development of equipment for soft and harsh blasting consists in incorporation of the latest methods for the industry, power-generation and oil-and-gas sector with the aim of increasing energy efficiency, saving fuel, reduction of accident rate and wear of equipment due to application of the latest methods of equipment cleaning and treatment. Network service and incorporation of innovative technologies at the biggest enterprises of the Russian Federation. The project is aimed at technological modernization of fuel and energy complex and industry of the Russian Federation.

Problem, for which solution the vector of company development is oriented:

Growth of tariffs for heat and electric power. Low energy efficiency, high fuel consumption, high accident rate at the enterprises and during operation of industrial, power-generation and oil-and-gas systems. Absence of up-to-date domestic methods and equipment for technological modernization and solving tasks related to operation of industrial power and oil-and-gas equipment. Use of outdated and low-efficiency equipment and methods during operation. Unsatisfactory state of equipment and systems as a result of absence of up-to-date and efficient maintenance. High power losses and low efficiency of heat-exchanging equipment, non-compliance with regulations in the course of many years of operation. Wear and out-of-balance of gas-pumping and steam turbines due to application of outdated maintenance methods.

In the course of generation of electric power and heat in the Russian Federation to date an acute problem of contamination and equipment failure emerges at the plants. It is connected with hard operating conditions and entails a significant waste of fuel and reduction of energy efficiency. The team of our engineers has developed and patented 3 cutting-edge methods of cleaning the heat-and-power and dynamic equipment, which molecular nature helps efficiently remove contamination with no harm for the surface. The classical methods either fail to cope with the task, or entail the equipment destruction. We have studied out the molecular structure of contamination and applied the unique physical effects thereto, which helped clean the surface without any damage. The incorporation of developments makes it possible to save fuel considerably during generation, reduce accident rate, increase energy efficiency. All the developments are aimed at the solution of acute problems in power engineering, industry and oil-and-gas sector. These developments constitute a bright example of implementing an “order for innovations”. Having 1 basic method we came to learn about serious problems related to operating the heat and power equipment and transformed it for a particular task (3 methods already) getting maximum efficiency. Nowhere else in the world the methods with such efficiency are used. A complicated situation in the Russian power engineering and industry made it possible to develop the MOST unique methods of solving problems of permanent contamination of equipment. These developments have been successfully incorporated at Russian generating plants of Т+ PJSC and Gazprom PJSC in the central region of Russia, Moscow region and in Saint-Petersburg.
The main advantages of the company consist in the use of innovations, intellectual rights, intrinsic developments and production, development of regional divisions for building a unified servicing Network.

The developments being created significantly surpass the existing world analogs with respect to technical and economic parameters. All current and future developments are being carried out as an “order for innovations” to solve serious problems related to operation of industrial power engineering and oil-and-gas equipment. A substantiation of superiority of our developments is the fасt that the indices of efficiency and quality after application of our developments (proven by tests) significantly surpass the indicators after application of up-to-date foreign equipment used partially in the sphere of servicing industrial, power-engineering and oil-and-gas systems in the Russian Federation. The use of “Rehbinder effect” in AHD, AHDP and AHDИ methods permits to efficiently clean complex contaminants with no harm to the surface involving a wide spectrum of softness adjustments. As for the other methods, the heavy contaminants either can not be cleaned, or the surface gets damaged, while the softness can not be practically adjusted. The orientation to a domestic specific character of the industrial, power-engineering and oil-and-gas systems makes it possible to use domestic feedstock for manufacturing equipment and accomplishment of works, which brings about the reduction of expenditures. The developments are also underway with orientation to a specific character of domestic equipment and systems that has left the foreign competitors far behind.

One of the main advantages of developments of SPENS JSC is the low cost of application with respect to the foreign methods. It has been conditioned by the focus during developments on the national market.
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