What is blasting?
Sofr blasting
A type of jet cleaning, when minimum influence is effected on physical and chemical properties of surface, is referred to as the soft blasting. In other words, this is the jet cleaning without surface damage. Soft particles or air-aerosol spray with admixtures borne by the air jet.

AHD method (aero-hydrodynamic) belongs to a class of soft blasting. It characteristically exhibits that Rehbinder effect and cavitation influence destruction of complex contamination, and not only velocity, hardness, size and weight of a particle like it happens with other methods.

It helps use ultra-small grades (~0.0003 mm) of cleaning compound, which makes it possible to perform more efficient cleaning of intricate parts, cracks, depressions, craters, etc at the molecular level. In this case small grade and weight of particle are much safer for the part surface during collision in AHD method.

It is important for treatment of parts with special requirements to strength and wear as well as in the course of flaw detection.

The other soft blasting methods involve much bigger grades (~0.5-3 mm), whereby, the particles in the other methods are not capable of cleaning out all pollution focuses in hard-to-reach places due to dimensions thereof. The AHD method has been developed in Russia and is based on МТ compound, which is also of domestic manufacture. MULTIBLAST installation is used for cleaning with AHD method.
Harsh blasting
This type of cleaning is also referred to as the "sand-blasting".

This type of jet cleaning is the surface abrasive treatment in the way of damaging it with sand or other abrasive powder sprayed by air jet, and in case of hydroabrasive treatment it involves a jet of water or other liquid. In the course of harsh blasting the abrasive particles get accelerated from the blasting unit using the energy of compressed air. The angular abrasive particles impart roughness to the surface and create profile or hatching. MULTIBLAST is used for sandblasting and hydro-sandblasting cleaning operations.
MULTIBLAST 2016 is the only installation that makes it possible to provide cleaning by means of soft and harsh blasting.

In this case both soft and harsh blasting can be effected with adding water from the built-in tank or without it. It helps work without dust whatever the weather. Besides, it is the only installation permitting to additionally switch on washing, application of coatings or drying directly from operator’s panel in the course of operation. MULTIBLAST 2016 installation works with all types of soft and harsh blasting and all types of materials*.

*except steel and iron shots with grade exceeding 3 mm.
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